Our services

Repairs, Virus Removal, and Data Recovery


Repairs & Upgrades: $60hr

Diagnostics: $50 flat fee

Data Recovery: $70hr

Virus Removal: $60hr

All services are charged at a one hour minimum and a $30 in home fee.



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Laptop Guy




Wireless Networking

pictureWireless Setup: $80 3 devices. Special $110 unlimited devices.

We will set up your home wireless and secure your network.

We also offer Airplay. Play your iTunes on any stereo in your house. (Software configuration fee applies)


Techie Custom PC Builds


We are known for custom built video editing machines and high end gaming rigs. We charge for the cost of parts plus $250 labor. All receipts are included. We also offer the personalized experience of helping you put the rig together.



Corporate Consults


We also offer bulk discounts for PC work such as hardware upgrades, PC installation, network setup, PC refurbish, and much more. Please contact us for further information.


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What they say

"When I brought my one year old PC into Geek Squad they said I needed a new computer. I went to Buckeye Techies for a second opinion. I saved a ton of money by getting the real issue fixed. Thank you for being honest professionals!!!"

Amber Goodman

"It had been some time since I last built a PC. I needed a powerful machine for video editing and suggestions for parts. Buckeye Techies guided me every step of the way. Where else can you get a personalized experience like that?"

Oz Leon

"I was looking for a computer at a reasonable price. Buckeye Techies built a PC for me and configured it for my network provider. In addition they gave me a 30 minute tutorial on how to surf the web, setup email, and add my favorite sites. Thank you for helping a old gal."

Theresa Borgelt